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Rules are made for people who aren't willing to make up their own. - Chuck Yeager

For Ed Sykes, aka World's Greatest Fighter Pilot, saying something is impossible only makes him want to do it more! The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell tell his inspiring story of never giving up whether that be achieving his dream of being a fighter pilot or fulfilling the oath: "Leave No Man Behind." This true story will take its readers all over the United States and South-East Asia as it recounts the events in the author's life as well as those of the military men and women serving the United States Air Force during The Vietnam War. He also delves into the often overlooked damage done to those who must function on the sidelines. The casualties of war are not only those that take place on the battlefield.
And what happens later, when time has passed, but the memories remain? What should a 66 year old fighter pilot do when he realizes he has one more mission that hasn't been completed? There really is only one thing to do. Strap in and take off on an adventure no one thinks will be anything other than a crash and burn. Afterburner Now!

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December 15th, 2020

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TheHistory of Air Capital Press

By: Mary K. Sykes

During my tenure as the Executive Director of the Wichita Aeronautical History Association I accepted a $5000 grant from Wichita’s Zonta organization to further the understanding of and appreciation for Wichita’s role in the early growth of the Kansas aviation industry. Zonta’s representative Velma Knearl and I decided that a book telling the story of our museum site, Wichita’s Original Municipal Airport, would be a worthy project. A well researched and written book would document the life of our air terminal-turned-museum and preserve the many personal memories of this building that were coming to the fore.

 Since the 1920’s the term “Air Capital of the World” was widely used to advertise Wichita’s role in this new aviation industry. But in the 1950’s and 60’s the phrase seemed to have faded from Wichita’s vernacular in spite of the fact that Wichita was (and is) still an important cornerstone of the world’s aviation manufacturing and innovation industry. To once again highlight Wichita’s well-earned boast I decided to open up a new publishing company and name it Air Capital Press.  When Clyde Cessna wanted to fly he didn’t hop on someone else’s “airship,” he built his own. We would do the same. 

As the Wichita Aeronautical Historical Association morphed into the Kansas Aviation Museum the project began to take life. I hired Susan Thompson, a freelance writer from Wichita and a frequent volunteer at the museum, to research and write our book. Through grants and presales I was able to finance the project without burdening the KAM budget. I wrote a successful grant to the Victor Murdock Foundation.  These two funding sources together with Zonta’s initial grant allowed printing at Mennonite Press to begin. The inaugural publication of Air Capital Press was Prairie Runways:  The History of Wichita’s Original Municipal Airport. 

Air Capital Press is now on a new mission. With the blessing of the Kansas Aviation Museum Board of Directors, Air Capital Press will be reinvigorated by us, Mary and Ed Sykes. The upcoming book The Patch / The Stream where the American Fell was released in the summer of 2020. It is a compelling military aviation story in which our Air Capital plays a large role. It is one man’s story about Vietnam and the journey to finally make things right.

We will also planning a Second Edition of Prairie Runways with a release date in the winter of 2020. There are also other books featuring Wichita and aviation in the works. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on our progress.

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